Song Review: “La Meme”


Maitre Gims and Vianney joined forces to write a song that brings Francophones and English speakers together to enjoy an uplifting  song that will put a smile on peoples’ faces no matter the language they speak.

With an intriguing and engaging beat and a melody that would make “catchy” an understatement, Vianney and Maitre Gims, two well-established artists in the French music industry, come together to seamlessly mix their two distinct styles.

Vianney is an artist with a  style of soft but joyful and reflective songs that brings happiness along with a plethora of other emotions including a small sense of melancholy, especially on  his song “Dumbo.” Vianney’s songs inspire you to reflect on your own life.

On the exact opposite side of the spectrum, Maitre Gims pulls his listeners in with what  can only be described as powerful beats and lyrics. Any of his vast array of songs use a strong bass and beats along with the perfect amount of rap.

Maitre Gims’ strong voice and Vianney’s simplistic but elegant guitar creates an introduction that automatically made me fall in love with the song. The introduction of a steady beat mirrors the sound of a heartbeat in your ears and sparks adrenaline, making me even more invested in the song. This then leads into the chorus which is a stunning harmonization of the two artists. With the continuation of the steady beat Vianney is able to put a soft twist on the powerful Maitre Gims’ music. 

What sets this partnership apart from most collaborations is that both artists’ styles are represented in the song and yet it still works and mixes together seamlessly. The thing they did differently is they adopted each others’ styles while singing. Maitre Gims showed a softer side while singing the chorus and Vianney stepped out of his normal genre and raped while keeping it unique to his personality. 

The lyrics of the song are a refreshing but still meaningful commentary on human interaction. The song explores a genuine and  relatable concept– we are not all going to have perfect relationships in love, friendship, family, work or in daily life.

This song is one I think listeners will want to play over and over and one that both French and English speakers can enjoy together.

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