Asian student union provides unique experience for students from all backgrounds

In a school with a predominantly Caucasian population, some Asian students are finding unique ways to learn about different Asian cultures and bond with others of similar and different backgrounds.  

Every Friday during lunch, the Asian Student Union (ASU) members of Lincoln High School meet in Room 147 in hopes to learn about the cultures of different Asian countries.  The ASU gives a chance to everyone to build a sense of community while learning about Asia. The members of the club consist not only of Asians, but students from other backgrounds as well.

“The point of this club is to show the beauty which can be found in different Asian cultures,” says Christina Vergis, ASU Co-President.

Last year, the ASU merged with the South Asian Student Union.

“We are stronger in numbers, and having more support from both leaders and students was really helpful,” Vergis says.   

This year, several freshman such as Annika Wang, joined the ASU.  After hearing about the Union from the club fair, she decided to join.

“I joined the club in hopes to learn more about different cultures, meet new people and just overall to get the experience of being in a club,” Wang says.  

Mythili Ramineni, who heard about the ASU from her older sister, also joined this year.  

Both Wang and Ramineni believe anyone can be a part of the Asian Student Union, and they encourage everyone to join the Union.

“I just think it’s a new and different experience learning about Asian culture, as we don’t really get exposed to it that often,” Ramineni says.  

Vergis doesn’t want students to be scared of being different.

My goal with this student union is to normalize being different. Different should not be something that is scary or feared, rather embraced,” she says.  

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