Wonderful atmosphere with a side of delicious food

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On the busy corner of 12th and Washington sits Cheryl’s on 12th, a charming restaurant that is sure to satisfy. With a welcoming exterior and doors that are open to everyone, the restaurant seems to invite diners in to enjoy not only the amazing food, but also the energetic atmosphere that keeps locals coming back.

The floor to ceiling windows display the busy streets of downtown Portland, where the restaurant is conveniently located. With this comes some challenges to people looking to eat at Cheryl’s, such as lack of parking. Without reservations, it can be difficult to get into Cheryl’s right away on the weekend, but usually the wait for a table is only about 10 minutes. Luckily the surrounding shops make it easy to pass the time while you wait.

Serving breakfast until 4 p.m. everyday, Cheryl’s provides people with the opportunity to enjoy their delicious pancakes, served with blueberries and lemon curd, almost all day. Most breakfasts are served with a choice of either roasted red potatoes, or cheesy potatoes, both of which are equally delicious. The menu is certainly not limited to only breakfast. Many lunch options are provided. Cheryl’s does a great job of  accommodating any dietary restrictions. Although the prices are a little high, this family friendly restaurant is one everyone will enjoy.

Despite being crowded, the restaurant feels like home. The wood accents make diners feel comfortable and at ease. The best part of any dining experience at Cheryl’s is the fantastic service. From the second anyone walks in the door, they are treated with genuine kindness. The servers are kind and attentive, giving diners plenty of time to decide what they want to eat off the extensive menu and making it easy to order. Once you order, the food comes so fast, it’s almost hard to believe. With quick service and hot food, Cheryl’s is sure to please.