The Cardinal Times

Seasonal Affective Disorder (SAD) affects students and teachers

Devyn McMillen

April 10, 2019

In the midst of a typical Pacific Northwest winter, some Lincoln students and teachers find themselves yet again severely depressed.   Seasonal Affective Disorder (SAD),  can cause a variety of symptoms including a depresse...

Students face difficulty transferring to Lincoln

Areonia Steward

April 10, 2019

Transferring mid year as a high school student can be one the most difficult things a student can go through. For three months after Kylie Hearst  transferred to Lincoln she was sure that her classmates still didn´t know who she was ...

Students are more stressed than their parents

Josh Weinrobe

April 10, 2019

Some students at Lincoln are skipping meals and feeling overtired due to stress. “Everybody is affected by stress,” said Lincoln student Caleb Moon. “Tests and essays for English class stress me out the most; homework...

LGBTQ+ community should be more supported by schools, students say

Sarah Happel

April 1, 2019

Saxon Mullaney, an openly lesbian freshman, thinks that Lincoln can do more to support lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender, and queer (LGBTQ+) students. LGBTQ+ rights have moved bothforward and backward with the legalization of ga...

LHS students adapt to new cultures

Sydney Ward, Mable Crawford, Amelia Thorpe, and Claire Yoo

April 1, 2019

Netherlands, Germany, China, Iran, Australia, Finland, Brazil, Indonesia and Guatemala; these are just some of many countries that Lincoln students have immigrated from. While some students have become friends with and share c...

Students call for bathroom reform

Zoe Scogna

March 21, 2019

Lincoln freshman Sasha Harriman expected gross bathrooms. She didn't expect to find used tampons scattered on the floor, pads stuck to the walls and the soap dispenser in the toilet. “The bathrooms have been repulsive for yea...

Students stressed by homework

Morgan Aldersea and Preslee Miller

March 21, 2019

Teachers are concerned by students who show signs of being overworked and stressed by homework.  Common signs of stress include showing fear, anxiety, frustration, and having headaches.Some teachers try to limit homework assignmen...

Underfunding causes problems at Lincoln

Amalia Carkeek-Hercey and Kiley Hearst

March 21, 2019

From the bathrooms to the classrooms, it is apparent at Lincoln that there is a lack of money. From constantly out-of-order toilets and tiles falling from the ceiling to water dripping through the roof into a huge mobile trash b...