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‘Palo Alto’ – Just Buy the Soundtrack

Kaila Johnson

June 16, 2014

Teenagers dressed head to toe in leather, puffing on cigarettes. Teenagers breaking bottles over each others heads. Teenagers speeding down the wrong side of the freeway. This is typical behavior, according to Gia Coppola’s...

“The Railway Man” – the good news: it exceeded my expectations. The bad news: my expectations weren’t high in the first place.

Lena Stern

May 20, 2014

On the second day of its release, “The Railway Man” mustered fewer than ten people at Fox Towers Theatre on Saturday, April 26. Certainly inauspicious, and fairly justified, I realized upon finishing the 2.5 hour  film. ...

Movie Review: Heaven is For Real

Silver Graff

April 24, 2014

Released on April 16, 2014, Heaven is For Real is an American Christian drama film about the four-year-old son of a Nebraska small town pastor who claimed he experienced Heaven through his emergency surgery. He explained that through...