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Reporters Leela Moreno and Skylar DeBose write about their experiences with racism at school


This is the first in a series of articles by DeBose and Moreno about microaggressions and racism students of color at Lincoln and elsewhere have experienced. Click the link above to read.


Lincoln juniors create online platform for Black students

Juniors Janiah Casey and Rio Meyer created a new account called @blackatlincoln, an online platform for Black students to share their experiences. Read about it above.  

Opinion: Fans need to stop attacking athletes for taking a stand

Cole Pressler writes an opinion on why trying to silence athletes is pointless and hateful. Read it above.  
Smoke swallows Portland: A week in photos  
Look at the photo galleries above to see photos from the Cardinal Times' staff this month of the smoke that seeped into Portland from Oregon wildfires.  
Yearbook's changes for the online school year  
"The yearbook will hopefully look different in a unique way while we hold on to some of the main characteristics from books in the past,” said yearbook staff member Riley Buehler. Visit the link above to read about what changes you should exactly expect.  
Cardinal Times welcomes new Lincoln staff members  
Lincoln brought on several new staff members to replace departing and retiring teachers. Read about them here.  
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