Wrestler Spotlight: Trevor Cheadle

The score is 4-3 in the third round. Senior Trevor Cheadle is only ahead by a point. The last 30 seconds will decide whether or not he will place in the tournament. If he doesn’t keep his opponent from escaping, the match will go into overtime, where his opponent will have a chance to take back the match. As Cheadle pushes him down with all his strength, he lets out a sigh of relief as the buzzer rings to signal the end of the match. Cheadle’s face beams as he shakes his opponents hand and the referee raises Cheadle’s hand towards the ceiling.

When it came time to find out who would be the wrestling captains for the current season, it was evident that Cheadle would be one of the three candidates. Not only does he participate in three different varsity sports, he also serves his community by participating in both Washington Search and Rescue and the Portland Fire Fighters Explorers Program. “I hate having too much time on my hands,” Cheadle said. “Whenever I’m not in season for a sport, I start to feel useless.”

Cheadle believes wrestling can bring about improvements to not only the body, but also to one’s character. “It’s much harder to give up on things after you do wrestling,” he said. “It teaches you to be strong, both mentally and physically.”

For wrestlers to perform well, they need to have tenacity and a strong drive to win. These traits are one of the factors that help lead Cheadle to his success. “He has a really good work ethic,” said Brandon Huggins, senior teammate. “If he wants to get something done, he’ll make sure that it gets done.”

The wrestling team is defined by four defining traits: character, class, commitment, and courage. One thing that is synonymous among members of the wrestling team is the understanding that success is dependent on the ability to push themselves “If you want to become a successful wrestler, you need to be willing to fight for a win,” said Cheadle. “It is a very humbling sport after you get your butt kicked a few times.”

Cheadle started wrestling in sixth grade because he wanted to find a new sport for the winter season. “I originally started because I wanted to try something new, and I wasn’t good at any other sports that were available in the winter season,” he said. “Basketball didn’t suit me much; I would always throw the ball too hard and too close to my teammates faces.”

Cheadle has set two goal this year that he hopes to fulfill. “My goals this year are to place in the top three at the PIL tournament and to possibly make it to State,” he said. “It’s going to be difficult, but it’s a goal.”

Cheadle placed third in the 145-pound weight class at this year’s PIL tournament.

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