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Departing: Lauren Boubel (Math)

June 13, 2021


Courtesy of Lauren Boubel

Math teacher Lauren Boubel is departing from Lincoln after three years.

What was your official position at Lincoln?

Math Instructor

How long did you work at Lincoln?

3 years

Tell me a little bit about what you did on a normal school day.

We would do lots of creative art projects, problems solving in groups, and in general exploring the creative nature of math and use it in real life.

What was your favorite part about Lincoln?

The community! The students are amazingly talented, motivated, and kind. My math department was beyond amazing. Everyone I work with has a great heart for students, a passion for education, and a wealth of knowledge. Our teams collaborated so well together. The administration was extremely supportive of everything we did, and made sure we had what we needed.

What is your favorite memory from all of the years you worked at Lincoln?

My first year, I assigned a project based on the movie Hidden Figures, where students would compare how social issues have changed since the 1960s. It was incredible to see students come up with incredible evidence and  arguments about social issues in a math class. I was incredibly inspired by their work.

What are your biggest takeaways from working at Lincoln?

I would say the best takeaway is from Chuck Slusher, who has taught me how to teach without lecturing. He’s trained me to run a math class in an extremely active way that is exciting and incredibly meaningful for students.

What are your post-Lincoln plans?

I’m taking a position as the head of the math department at Saint George’s school in Spokane, WA. There, I hope to start a family with my partner.

What will you miss most about Lincoln after you leave?

Everything? Mostly, I’m going to miss the relationships I’ve made with students and coworkers. I feel like my work has given me a family. I’m especially going to miss my work wife, Erin Mahony, who is one of the kindest and most inspirational humans I’ve ever met.

Is there anything else you would like to add or address or are there any messages you’d like to share with the students or to Lincoln?

This is the one thing I regret with my move, having to leave this school. I’m sure I’ll never find a community as inspiring, philanthropic, accepting, and intellectual as Lincoln.

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