Letter from the editor

In this issue of the Cardinal Times, I have transitioned into the role of editor-in-chief. I’d like to thank our previous editor-in-chief, Evan Reynolds, for his leadership this semester and for advising me on this issue as I step into the job. I’d like to formally thank all of our editors who served the publication in 2019, especially our seniors: Ella Mashroutechi, Kiley Hearst and Evan Reynolds. This time of year, we transition all of our new editors into their roles as well- check out our staff box on page __ for all new editor positions.

I would like to highlight our hardworking staff of 29 dedicated students whose aptitude and ambition for journalism is growing daily. Through the organization “Student Newspapers Online,” our staff has won seven “Best of SNO” awards for various articles and podcasts. Throughout the past semester, I have seen this staff’s skills develop, with each issue produced more comprehensive than the last.

I am excited to announce we have created several new leadership roles, such as podcast editors and a social media manager.

We are also considering additional ways to digitize our publication and make it more accessible and relevant to the Lincoln student body and community. We understand that, while traditional, a print newspaper doesn’t address all of our readers’ preferences.

February is Black History Month. This issue honors several black alumni of Lincoln, including a public official, a musician, and Portland’s new fire department chief as well as some of our current black students and staff. Guest editorials are written by junior Caleb Dickson and senior Nya Wilson exploring the topics of hip-hop and the role of women in the civil rights movement, respectively. The Cardinal Times would like to thank those who helped make the celebration and recognition of Black History Month our top priority for this issue. We are continuing to undertake efforts toward ensuring equity, representation and inclusion in The Cardinal Times and welcome your feedback.


Cole Pressler


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