Profile: Helen Yoon

By: Ben Joshi

Ben Joshi

By: Ben Joshi

In the Lincoln community, there are many staff members who have successful experiences in the business field. One of the under the radar staff members works in our office as the Principal’s secretary, Helen Yoon. Yoon has had a multitude of successes in the financial sector.

Yoon was born in South Korea where her parents owned a mine. The Yoon family moved to Toronto where she would later attend college and receive an undergraduate degree from Toronto University.

“I went immediately from getting my undergrad to law school, and then I did a year of something called articling at a law firm, which is how the firms rank their interest in you,” said Yoon. “Later I went on to work at boutique law firms, and eventually landed a job at Cole Perkins.”

Yoon attended Harvard Law school to receive her Juris Doctor (JD) and Master of Laws (LLM). Attending college and law school helped her “develop lifelong contacts who helped me advance in my previous career,” said Yoon.

Contacts such as her professor Larry Tribe helped “introduce me to a lot of different people in the legal field, so I was able to determine whether I wanted to go academic route because I was his TA for one year, or if I wanted to pursue a career in finance,” said Yoon.

Yoon decided on finance. To aid her career she said that her professors were able to help her develop connections in the finance sector and secure an internship at the investment bank Royal Bank of Canada.” While working at finance firms she was a part of implementing sophisticated strategies surrounding merger arbitrage.

Yoon derived inspiration from her family.

“I think it had a lot to do with my mom, she had a lot to do with the business side of delivering. Since coming from a business oriented family I was able to derive experience working as a family board member for my parents.”

Yoon enjoys working in the Cardinals community. In addition, though she has stepped out of the finance industry, she is taking part in mezzanine loan capital advancements. These are the debt and equity providers for project developments. In other words, mezzanine companies supply builders with the cash needed to build the site.

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