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New trend in ice cream

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Step aside, unicorn Frappucinos. Make way for a new trend. Just a hop, skip, and jump away from the Lincoln campus, students can get their hands on one of Instagram’s latest food crazes- rolled ice cream.

Rolled ice cream began as a popular treat in Asian countries such as Thailand, Malaysia, Cambodia, and the Philippines, eventually traveling to the United States. Established in 2017, 22 Below started as a small rolled ice cream shop. Since then, it has expanded to several areas in Oregon such as Eugene and Salem, and now to Portland. 22 Below is the only rolled ice cream business in the city, making it a one of a kind place to visit.

When students first walk through the door, they get a very strong first impression.

“The staff seemed really professional, they knew what they were doing,” junior Quinn Miller said. “The establishment seemed super popular, and really in demand.”

Junior Lauren Armstrong was excited when she heard of the new ice cream shop, and came into 22 Below with high expectations, “because [she] watched lots of Instagram videos.”

“I never expected it to come to Portland,” she said.

This popular treat is created by pouring a dairy cream mixture on to an ice pan, which is chilled below freezing. As the mixture cools, it begins to solidify. Fruits, cookies and other edible sweets are then added and chopped up, until it is a paste which is then spread out on the ice pan, until it is frozen enough to “roll” into logs. There are a variety of flavor combinations that are offered at 22 Below for $6.50 per cup with up to three toppings.

“The ice cream was pretty good, creamier than I expected, and the flavor combinations were interesting,” said junior Sam Avila, “the price is reasonable, since it’s labor [to make the rolls] and the toppings were included.”

Some students think that the prices and quality just aren’t adding up.

“It’s less flavorful than other brands,” said Miller, “and it’s pretty expensive for the service they’re providing. I feel like half of the money is spent towards the gimmick of it.”

Even though opinions may vary, one thing can be agreed on about 22 Below. It brings a new kind of experience that any student can easily access.

“I’d never seen ice cream like that,” said Avila, “it looked like a bundle of joy.”


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