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New Worlds Await Students

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High schoolers dream of studying in another country in order to immerse themselves in another culture, create relationships and to study the language.

Andeo International Homestays program is quite popular among Lincoln students. This organization grants high schoolers the opportunity to study abroad throughout the year. Across various countries the program sets up host families with an exchange student. Their mission is to connect students in order to build lasting relationships.

Junior Alexandra Miller and senior Emma Baudrexl chose to participate by studying abroad during summer to France and Germany.

In the summer of 2015, students taking German, including Baudrexl, studied in Germany for two weeks staying with a host family as well as two weeks in hostels.

Along with the tourist activities, they attended a school to practice the language. As Baudrexl reflects on the trip she says, “I don’t think everyone would enjoy it, but I found it fascinating. I really learned more than I ever expected.”

Through the program, the host families from Germany were able to exchange roles and visit Portland for a month, helping the groups of people remain friends.

Another Lincoln student, Alexandra Miller, ventures to France in June 2018 to enjoy a similar experience. She chose summer instead of a semester program because “In the summer, it would be easier to spend more time in a place without feeling like I was missing school or sports.”

Miller is currently in French ⅚, which she believes prepared her well, between all the vocabulary and grammar she has learned. “I think it will be really challenging, and at some times frustrating,” said Miller, “because I won’t be able to fully communicate.” Although she is worried about how she will get along with her host family, she looks forward to building a positive relationship with them.

Information was provided to both students about studying abroad in class. According to French teacher Mr. Siegel, he makes announcements in his classes and hangs fliers to inform students on living in another country.

When asked how rewarding and helpful a program like this was for students, Siegel said “words cannot do justice to describe how beneficial an immersion homestay program is for any second language student.”

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