Profile: Fiona Griffiths-Boston

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Bright lights are beating down on the Lincoln High soccer field with one minute left on the clock. The crowd watches intently. Sophomore Fiona Griffiths-Boston is running across the field alongside her teammates. She watches as her friend scores the winning goal at the last second. A big grin spreads across her face. She is also thinking about how much time it will take to get to the constitution team meeting.

Friends of Griffiths-Boston have a lot of positive things to say when talking about her.

“Oh gosh! My best friend…in only three words?! She is a passionate, strong and powerful girl!” says Zahra Deshaw.

During Griffiths-Boston’s Freshman year at Lincoln she became one of the many talented players on the girls soccer team. In her sophomore year she decided to give constitution team a try.

“I have always valued soccer and it’s always been a priority for me but I really wanted to give con team a try and try other opportunities,” says Griffiths-Boston, explaining why she wanted to be a part of two great teams. “Soccer is just a huge thing for me to keep active but also just to maintain relationships with friends while playing a game I love.”

Griffiths-Boston has to bounce around a lot due to her busy schedule. On Tuesdays, either soccer practices or games happen around the same time the con team meetings take place. By the time soccer practice ends the con team meeting has already begun. However, she has managed not to miss any of the con team meetings and only one soccer practice.

Being on two important teams plus the large amount of school work could definitely be overwhelming and a bit stressful. In order to reduce the stress of it all, time management is key.

“I know that sounds ridiculous but my planner is my best friend! I don’t know where I would be without it!” Griffiths-Boston said.  “I write down how long things will take me and when I have practice or games or meetings and I plan my time around that.”

According to an article on Huffpost by Cary J. Green, effective prioritization equals success in achieving your goals. By focusing on your priorities you are less likely to lose sight of your responsibilities and keep going down the right track.

Griffiths-Boston agrees.

“It’s all about prioritizing. For my school work I tend to prioritize things that are due sooner rather than later and do the ones that are most important to do.”   

Griffiths-Boston believes that being on these two teams has made her high school experience much more enjoyable and has never had a negative impact. 

“I’m very lucky to be able to do these things alongside my friends and do my part for the Cardinal community.”